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Simplifying Benefits, Elevating Engagement: iHeartBenefits

Let us carry the load of OE and
Streamlined Benefits Enrollment

We handle all aspects of benefits enrollment, from onboarding New Hires to managing Open Enrollment periods and adjusting for Qualifying Life Events (QLEs). Leave the complexities to us.

Make sure your New Hire are well nformed

We believe in being there for your employees. We work on their behalf, managing Qualifying Life Events (QLEs), and making sure no detail is overlooked. We're always just a call, email, text, or instant message away, ready to support your employees whenever they need us.

Navigating Changes and Transitions
Qualified Life Event Support

Our QLE Support Service is designed to alleviate the stress and confusion during these transitional periods. We provide end-to end support for your employees, ensuring they are well informed and can make the necessary updates to their benefits swiftly and accurately.

Service Delivery Compliance Lower your chances of discrepencies
Payroll Benefits Adjustments Support

We work directly with your payroll department to integrate benefits seamlessly. This means less manual work for your team, reducing the potential for errors.

employees can reach us via phone call, text messaging, and email
Round the Clock Support

Our dedicated support team is available via phone, text, or email to address any questions or concerns your employees might have. We're here to ensure they get the help they need, when they need it.

Overcome challenges over engagment
Custom Communications and Education

We deliver custom communications and educational materials to your employees in clear, understandable language. We're committed to improving benefits literacy amongst your employees, so they can fully appreciate and utilize their benefits. Understanding benefits doesn't have to be complicated.

Up your utilization
Comprehensive Assistance

We offer comprehensive support to help you manage your benefits program effectively. From strategy to execution, we're your partner in providing the best benefits experience.

help identify and minimize exposure for tax reporting violations
Dependent Verification

Our team ensures the integrity of your benefits program with thorough dependent verification. We handle the details so you can have peace of mind knowing your resources are properly allocated.

Learn what your employee think about your benefit offerings
Benefit Survey

Your employees' needs and satisfaction are our top priority. We deploy regular benefits surveys to understand what's working, what's not, and how we can improve your benefits program.